PRE-PRIMARY (Grade: RRR, RR and R)

Grade RRR (3-4yrs):

We started Grade Triple R (RRR) in 2015 and are happy to announce a successful start to this venture. The children are excited and are play-learning new things every day.

We make use of a full curriculum to teach your child in a playful manner.

Grade RR (4-5yrs):

We make use of a full curriculum to teach your child in a playful manner.

This was a spectacular year for the Double R's, filled with laughter and play. We learned about: shapes, colours, numbers, days of the week, as well as many different themes. We also exercised our bodies and practiced speaking proper English. We created many different art projects, memorized rhymes as well as read and imagined stories. We danced, sang and learned about Father God.

In the 1st term we had a water and mud day and in the 2nd term a field trip to the Zoo. We learned so much about the animals and enjoyed it immensely.

We would like thank all the parents for their help and co-operation in making this an amazing year.

Grade R (5-6yrs):

We make use of a full curriculum to teach your child in a playful manner.

It has been a year of fun, laughter and lots of learning for the Grade R's.

In preparation for learning to read and write, our Word Building PACES taught us the letters of the alphabet, through fun stories. Christian character is also taught in these stories, as well as mathematical concepts. The alphabet came alive when we went to the Zoo and saw a real Zippy Zebra, Bucky Buffalo and Humphrey Hippopotamus.

Besides the Mathematical skills taught in the PACES, learning to count with understanding was done by jumping on the re-bounder, bopping up and down on a big ball or using percussion sequences, and it is also taught us not to cheat. It was difficult to accept defeat, but this makes us grasped by making use of sweets which they had to dived among themselves. No friend was allowed to have more than the others, sweets must be divided equally and fairly.

Cutting an apple in half and then in quarters, in order to feed the horses on the adjoining property, taught math in a tangible way while we additionally learned to appreciate and care for God's creation.

There was also much excitement when swarms of grass hoppers passing over our property caused a frenzy amongst our little ones. Some were scared of the grass hoppers at first, but as their friends gathered them in bottles, plastic bags and even their pockets, everybody joined in the fun. Some grasshoppers survived and others, well... Nevertheless, science, maths overcoming fear, enjoying God's creating and socializing were incidental learning in the midst of experiencing this natural phenomenon. It is important to allow your child to use their God given curiosity to learn through exploring.

Back in the classroom, sitting upright on a chair and holding a pencil correctly to do PACE work was hard work. Fortunately Monkeynastix developed our large and small muscles to make this tedious task easier.

On Friday's the children did not have to sleep and everybody built puzzles instead. Important pre-reading and pre-writing skills were hereby developed. Besides, completing a challenging puzzle was a fun way to learn the importance of task completion.

Thank you Father for the privilege of a Christian environment to teach and learn in.

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