• The steel stuctures for the hall and classrooms were erected by the contractor and signed off by the structural engineer in October 2014.
    • Construction of Preschool building was completed December 2017.
    • Construction of Hall and Admin building is 50% complete as of January 2018.
  • Civil engineers have designed the water supply and sewage disposal systems. The Preschool building’s sewage system and water purifier have been installed as of January 2018.
  • Bulk water supply has been established via a borehole on the farm. This borehole has been tested and has a continuous supply of 16 000 litres per hour.
  • The electricity supply directly from Eskom, has been paid for and was installed in 2013.
  • Electricty has been installed at the Preschool and is functioning as of January 2018.
  • Windows and doors are installed in the Hall, Admin and Preschool buildings as of April 2017
  • Burglar bars and securtiy gates were installed at the Preschool building in December 2017.
  • Tiles and ceilings were installed and ablution facilities are complete and functional at the Preschool building as of January 2018.


Our students presented their countries for Global Flavour at assembly on Tuesday. They shared various interesting facts about each country.

Thank you for all who came today, the organizers and all who lent a helping hand in making this event a success.