Our objective is to prepare each student for the digital challenges they will encounter when they enter the workplace or attempt further studies.

Primary School - Futurekid:

We start as early as Grade 2 and present a wide range of content and skill development in the curriculums of Futurekids, including computer sciences and educational components such as keyboard skills, Word processing, Graphics and design, Desktop publishing, Environmental simulation, Animation, Robotics, Computer-assisted mathematics and reading, and Logical thinking skills.

There is a progression of ICT skills from lesson to lesson, from year to year. Real Journey Curriculum is linked to ACE Learning programme documents per grade.

The Futurekids Real Journeys curriculum has been nominated by the Software and Information Industry Association as a finalist in the Prestigious "CODiE Awards for 2008"

High School - Skillspro:

From Grade 8 students attend Skillspro classes weekly. This is a SAQA accredited computer course and at the completion of 20 modules and then after completing the following 16 modules a Competency Certificate for End-User Computing is acquired by our students.

This places a certificate not a “subject” into the hands of the student and the high standards of this certificate can mean exemption of first year computer studies at selected Universities.

Readmaster and CAMI:

We want to ensure that students are highly literate when they leave our school and to this end great care is taken to establish the reading rate, level of reading, vocabulary and comprehension for each individual student.

Computer Reading and Math programs are used to supplement the PACE work in a fun and creative way.

Learning problems are identified and professional help is available for students who have real learning disabilities. The staff work together as a team to make sure each child is assisted in whichever way necessary to reach their individual potential.

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