GRADE 10-12 (FET Phase)

GRADE 10-12

Subject selection from the following subjects:

Major Subjects: Mathematics Math Literacy English Afrikaans Home 1st Additional Language Bible Studies Physical Science (Physical Science, Chemistry and Physics) Life Science History

Geography Business Studies Tourism Computer Science (Skills Pro) Arts (Visual, Music, Dramatic)


Etymology Speech Music Christian Growth Introduction to Missions Bible Science

Grade 7 Subject:

We also received a few new students, who completed their Grades early and moved into the Senior Learning Centre. The class, as a whole, is fairly close knit, and they support each other through difficulties.

We attended a field trip at CUT (Career Fair) earlier in the year which was very educational. The Honour Roll challenge that was held at Mimosa Mall was a lot of fun and Lizzy won a gift voucher.

We try very hard to encourage students to work hard in order to qualify for Honour Roll, even though there were a lot of absentees during the term. When those students were present, they tried very hard to qualify and catch up. Our morning devotion

is always very uplifting and the students enjoy participating and sharing their testimonies.

Our class worked so well together during the practices for the concert and it was a huge success.

I am grateful for the team of teachers we have. They are dedicated and assist us through challenges and victories. There is always room for improvement and I am excited to meet these challenges head on as part of this winning team.

Grade 12 Certificate:

International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) Moderated in Grade 10, 11 and 12 in England


Many of our Learners, after completing ACE studies with us, went on to Universities to further and complete their studies. Some completed their Degrees and are now Lawyers (LLB), Medical Doctors, Social workers, Physiotherapists, Architects, Teachers, Accountants, Fashion Designers, Pilots, etc.


To enter into an University, all students must complete the NBT (National Benchmark Test). If a student wants to study overseas, they need to complete the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). This is also acceptable in RSA instead of the NBT.

Universities that accept ACE students:

UFS, UCT, UJ, UP, NMMU, Rhodes, UNISA and Cornerstone

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