Our Father's Academy Admission

The admission of the students will be determined by the school’s admission policy.

All information about the student, previous schooling and family, should be gathered to determine whether the Admissions criteria have been satisfied

Parents wanting to enrol their children in Our Fathers Academy, can follow the following process:

  1. Contact the Office to make an appointment with the School Principal.
  2. During this appointment, academic or other questions will be answered and the ACE System will be explained.
  3. An appointment with the school pastor will be dated.
  4. The school fee structure will be explained to you.
  5. The necessary forms will be given to you to discuss and read through.
  6. An Enrollment Fee is payable when handing in the forms.

The School fee structure, Uniform price list and Code of Conduct can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.


Parent Orientation is for new Parents joining the School. This will take place within the 1st Term, usually from 9:00-11:00, on a Saturday parents will be taken through an example of what each child will experience daily.

After 11:00 there will be a brunch that will be held by the Parent Committee. This will give each Parent the opportunity to meet the Staff, members as well as the Parents serving on the Parent Committee.

The parent orientation program provides parents with the basic philosophy of Christian education. It gives them an overview of the ACE curriculum, ad acquaints the with Learning Centre procedures.


New Students that enrol during a month, will be charged a pro-rata rate per day.
Pay Merit shop and Fieldtrip monies are not included in the monthly school fee’s. This is payable to the class Supervisor

Important Notes:
  • All Payments are due before the 3rd of each Month.
  • Payments after the 3rd carry a R80-00 Administration Fee.
  • There will be a 10% Handling fee charged on all Cash payments.

Do not hesitate to drop us a message or call a call.

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