“Our Father’s Academy” uses the A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) system to provide a high standard of private education for learners from pre-primary to matriculation levels with a view to prepare them to live their lives according to the principles of God, as revealed in the Bible. This education system has run successfully for more than 40 years in over 142 countries.


When a leaner completes his education through the ACE system he receives much more than only academics. He will be prepared for life through the following benefits:

  1. Biblical Foundation: The ACE system is based on the Biblical truths found in God’s word.
  2. Character Development: Godly character training is a specific outcome of an ACE education. Development of critical thinking skills is built into the ACE system of education.
  3. International university access: The ACE system allows for access to universities around the world using international benchmark testing.
  4. Mastery Based Learning: This forms the bases of the ACE system. If a concept is not mastered, the learner is required to review the concept until it is fully understood before being permitted to proceed.
  5. Individual diagnosis and prescription: This is a unique process by which the learner is academically diagnosed to determine any learning gaps that may exist. If a learning gap is identified, then curriculum materials specific to the learners needs are prescribed to ensure that he has a firm foundation to build on.
  6. Continuous progress assessment: This forms an integral part of the learner’s education that is measured on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis. The benefit of this continuous assessment is that parents will, at anytime, be able to know the progress of their learner.
  7. Ace is a global phenomenon operating in on 5 continents, and in over 140 countries. In South Africa alone there are more than 300 schools using this ACE System.
  8. The ACE system provides a complete and comprehensive curriculum from pre-school to grade 12. Learner materials are updated regularly to make sure that learners have the latest developments and academic data at their disposal.
  9. Individualized Learning Methodology: The ACE system allows learners to progress at their own pace and own level of ability under the guidance of a qualified Educator. This means that an intelligent and hard working learner may finish his grade earlier and continue with the next grade immediately.

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